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Rocky Point

Puerto Penasco, otherwise known as Rocky Point, is located on the Sea of Cortez. Just a mere 60 miles from the Arizona/Mexico border. Rocky Point is plentiful with fun and the sun. ATVs, jetskis, fishing, and parasailing are all the normal activities here. In Rocky Point it's legal to ride ATVs on the streets. So grab your bags and head on out to the town that's a beach resort.

A Little History
60 miles from the US/Mexican border, Rocky Point, Mexico could have been an Arizona seaport,

but history and great negotiating by the Mexican government in the mid-1800's made it a part of Mexico.

Before Rocky Point was settled by Mexicans, the Seri Indians wandered the local deserts. A sub-tribe of Arizona's Tohono O'Odam Indians, the Seri were rumored to be cannibals, and early Spanish explorers were constantly on guard to protect themselves when traveling through the territory. In the 1940's, a Seri (later called by his friends "the rich one") began carving small statues of local animal and plant life out of ironwood, a small tree with extremely hard and dense wood that only grows in the Sonoran desert. Other members of the tribe saw that he was doing well selling the carvings, and began to carve their own statues. Today, ironwood carvings are perhaps the favorite souvenir purchased by tourists in northern Sonora. Other craft and art items available in the Rocky Point area are small carpets, blankets, jewelry, ceramics, hand woven baskets, hammocks, and the ever-present T-Shirt!

Another interesting and unusual feature of the Puerto Penasco area is the extreme tides produced in the area. In Cholla Bay, five miles from the heart of Rocky Point, the difference between low and high tides can be as much as 24 feet.

Also nearby is Mount Pinacate, home of 9 major volcanic craters and over 400 volcanic vents. In the early 70's, Apollo astronauts trained for their moon-walks on this mountain.

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